Gray Riddance

What Is Gray Riddance?

Gray Riddance is a product born out of necessity. My personal frustrations with graying hair led me to seek out a natural solution. Sure, I’ve tried coloring at the hair dresser, dyes at home, and even considered using henna at one point. What I learned was this:

    • Coloring at the hair dresser is expensive, and you have to go way too frequently to keep the gray away.
    • Dying your hair at home is messy. Far too often the color “doesn’t quite look” the way you think it will.
    • Henna is temporary, extremely messy, and hard to really cover gray hair.


How does it work?

Gray Riddance is a natural, cutting edge hair tint. It is permanent in the sense it literally transformsyour graying hair into subtle, natural light brown highlights. Your non gray hair color is not changed.

How do I use it?

      1. Make sure your hair is initially dry, clean, and free of all other hair products.
      2. Spray Gray Riddance on your gray hair or new growth roots and massage softly with a comb or brush for complete penetration.
      3. Use Gray Riddance for three consecutive days
      4. That’s it!

Who is this for?

Gray Riddance is best for anyone with up to 30% gray hair, or what is known as “salt and pepper” type hair.